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What kind of Lashes do I use?
The Lashes I use are Faux Mink.  They contain:
They are also 100% organic and vegan
Is it safe to get your lashes done while pregnant or nursing?
Absolutely, The glue I use has NO formaldehyde, its is one of the most natural glues on the market.
How long will eyelash extensions last?
A classic set of eyelash extensions will last around 2-3 weeks if properly taken care of, a volume set of eyelash extensions will last around 3-4 weeks if properly taken care of.  Please keep in mind everyone is different, some may last longer than others as everyone's own natural eyelashes shed at different rates.
What can I expect at my appointment?

Your appointment  will take around 1-3 hours depending on if we are doing a classic set or a volume set and how many lashes are applied, anywhere between100-400 lashes are applied in a single session. I will give you instructions on how to properly take care of your lashes, so you will get the most time in between fills.

What is Microblading?
Microblading or "feathered Brows" is a semi permanent  form of tattooing.  Pigment is implanted under the skin in hair like strokes to look like natural hair. This is great for people who are looking for fuller brows, people who have little to no eyebrow hair or are looking for more of a clean well manicured brow.

Whatever the case microblading is great for almost everyone.

Why do people get Microblading?


Brows frame the eyes. People get Microblading for many reasons. Some have sparse brows and would like them fuller. Others want their brows to take on a new shape. There are some who have brows that are non existent. Brow shape can change the appearance of the face and can give perception to lift ones eyes, creating a more youthful appearance.

What can I expect at my appointment?


Every individual has different needs. After having a full consultation, together we discover what color and style of brow would look best with your features. Then I will outline and shape with a cosmetic pencil to show you the style as it would look before I do the procedure. If it is to your liking, I will clean and disinfect the brows and apply the topical anesthetic/numbing cream. This is done to make the procedure more comfortable. I use a BRAND NEW blade for every client. We then apply the pigment with micro hair precision and finish with an ointment that will sooth and assist the healing process. We will discuss aftercare and what to expect following the procedure.

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